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About This Material

This is about experts. About how they can help you as they've already helped thousands of others.  This group of experts is particularly good because they keep notes.  They write down the answers.  They refine and revise what they've written.  They're good, they're driven, there valuable.

Many of them are Microsoft MVPs.  For more information on the MVP organization, check out this page.  What you should really know about them is they're a rare breed, about a dozen in North America in the PowerPoint discipline. Yeah, I'm proud to be one of them.

You may not need this right now, but you will eventually.  I do myself, and I've written some of it!  Bookmark it now.

PPT FAQ - The essential problem solving source for PowerPoint

This is The PowerPoint Frequently Asked (and Answered) Help site. 

 That isn't strong enough a description.

This is the repository of decades of PowerPoint problems and the solutions that were found. This is your first stop when nobody can tell you the answer. 

Steve Rindsberg is the currator.  Buy him a beer if you get a chance.



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