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World Wide Makeover… or Why You, Too, Should Kiss Your Frog!

This episode is the promised published version of the “live show” we did earlier this month with Geetesh Bajaj and Echo Swinford, authors of The Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit.

Yes, that makes two shows in a row about new books, and I really don’t intend for the podcast to focus on book reviews.  I think we’ll be looking at a change of pace for the next episode.

More on that in a few days…


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Call in Tonight – Live Presentations Roundtable Broadcast

  Tonight, Monday March 10th, is the big experiment. 

We’ll be hosting an interview with Echo Swinford and Geetesh Bajaj about their book Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit over the Talk Shoe network.

Talk Shoe is a free conferencing system, and we invite you to call in and contribute with your comments and questions. Besides being accomplished authors, Geetesh and Echo are presentation specialists, Microsoft MVPs who specialize in solving user problems.

So join us.  The Talk Shoe address for the show is

You can download the Talk Shoe client software and join via your computer, or simply call in from your land-line or cell phone.  See the links above for more information.

This is a real late-night talk show, starting at 8:30PM Pacific, 11:30 Eastern, and 9AM in Mumbai (that’s Tuesday March 11th in India!)  Why are we pointing out the time in India?  More on that during the show!

Hope to see you there.

Who Writes “Advanced” Books?

In our first podcast, Design and Dead Trees, we hosted a lively discussion that included viewpoints on the role of print books in the world of electronic document creation.

Well, in the next two episodes we will examine two unique new books that hope to help you be better presentation creators in two very different ways.

Today we sit down with Wayne Kao and Jeff Huang, authors of the new Que books publication Advanced Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 join us at the roundtable to discuss the origins of their book, and why they’re uniquely qualified to write an Advanced book on presenting with PowerPoint. 

Photo: Wayne Kao (left) and Jeff Huang (right)


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What Makes You Advanced?

  What makes an advanced user?  We think it mostly has to do with confidence and training, a thoughtful approach to the subject. 

What makes an “advanced” book?  Hopefully much of the same.

This week we’ll be posting our conversation with Wayne Kao and Jeff Huang, authors of the new book Advanced PowerPoint 2007.  We had hoped to post tonight, but unfortunately that’s been delayed by a day or so.

But Jeff and Wayne are worth waiting for.  They’re uniquely qualified among PowerPoint book authors to write an “advanced” book, and you’ll learn why in this entertaining conversation.

Also, watch this week for details on our first LIVE call-in show.  It’s truly a global event, and we’re looking forward to hearing you participate!  Sorry to tease, but we’re still finalizing details – we’ll get them out to you as soon as we know!

And finally, why am I using the “Royal We” style all of a sudden?