Part Three: What Comes Next…

So today I put off “part three.”  Part three is going to be a lot of work, and I’ve been working hard on other “real world” things today so I wanted to play a little.  I added a banner photo, an update on the old banner. Let me explain it to you.


The first picture is what you see when you’re on the roundtable.  A mic through a “pop” filter.  The next picture is me.  Howard Cooperstein is the third picture. Howard was my partner in crime during many years at Microsoft on the PowerPoint team, his office was next to mine. I knew when Howard was on a design roll because I could hear his whiteboard bouncing on our shared wall.

The next picture is Garr Reynolds. I’m proud to call this Zen Master of presenting a friend. If you don’t know him already, you should get to know him. Find out more at Presentation Zen.

Finally, we have Nancy Duarte. Nancy is to Presentations as Diana Ross is to… well you get it.  The founder and CEO of Duarte design group, she’s a rock star of presenting.

These were the four people who first sat down at the roundtable, and I felt they deserved to always be at the head of that table. We have had and hopefully will continue to have great voices here, but they will always have been the first.

So, what comes next?  Why actually hooking up the individual podcasts to the pages so you can listen to them!  It’s a bunch of by-hand work that will take a while.  I’ve learned a lot about audio production since the early days of these podcasts, and I may give in to my vanity and remaster them.  That will make things slower, but I’m not in a rush.  These are all old friends and I’m happy to hang out with them again.

Ric Bretschneider
June 24th 2014 10:33PM