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Total Failure Points Out Where There’s Work To Do!

_MG_0631Hello again, it’s time for a status update.

Well, Godaddy’s Quick Blogcast feature has finally gone to the grave, so all the linked images that were dependent on that hosting are coming up as broken links.

That’s actually kind of good news as it makes it easy for me to see where things need to be cleaned up.

I’ve done two of the legacy posts and it’s made two things apparent to me.

I don’t know enough about how tables work in WordPress or at least how they’re different from HTML tables. Fixing some of the prior formatting will require playing around a bit.  It’s easy enough to restore pictures, but getting them to line up the way they did before… not obvious.

The second issue, and more to the point, are the links to the podcasts.  These will be easy to restore but I need to look into widgets for playing them right on the page, which is the way the site used to work.

Of course, you can still go to and download or play them in iTunes or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  That’s actually what I would do if I were you.  I’ve always thought that what with browser crashes, needing to reboot, and other annoyances that listening to podcasts in a browser was a bit tedious.

Your choice of course.  I’ll get those buttons up in a few days, starting with the more recent podcasts and working back from there.

Soon as I figure out which widget to use…

August 31, 2014