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Well, part two worked…

Thanks to Godaddy cancelling the tool previously used to host Presentations Roundtable Podcasts and Blog I’ve had to scramble a bit to keep things working.

Part one was the manipulation of the actual Podcasts so that iTunes subscribers could continue to have seamless access to the existing shows. That was finished a couple of weeks ago, seamlessly of course, so nobody noticed.

Part ¬†two was to rehost the actual blog entries that went around the production and introduction of each podcast. That’s just got done today. Kind of. The text is there, and the pictures show up, but there are no links to play the podcasts.

And as soon as the original Godaddy tool shuts down the pictures will temporarily disappear. I’ll have a bit of work to re-introduce those images into the original articles when that happens. I’m putting it off until actually needed.

Finally I’ll edit the podcast announcement pages to reintroduce a podcast player right there on the page, for those who won’t or can’t use iTunes to sync to your iDevices. But for now, I’ve got a mild headache and am thinking of calling it a day.



By the way, if you want to get to the archive of podcasts you can either go to the iTunes store for access and sync’ing, or use the RSS feed if you know how to handle that geeky stuff.