Hard to Talk About Yourself…

Indezine is an online magazine and store for the works of Geetesh Bajaj, one of the most sincere and caring individuals I’ve had the pleasure to come across in this business.  He’s tremendously productive, producing both presentation aids and articles in high quality and volume. 

This week Geetesh asked me to participate in an interview.  Talking about myself is hard, it’s not the point of this site, it’s not the point of most of my work. If you’ve looked at the unfinished domain landing page, you can tell that – I’m much more interested in putting out the blog and podcast than filling you in on my background.  I’ll get around to it, it’s just not a priority.

But if you’re interested then I guess Geetesh has done us both a favor.  You can read the interview here.

In the meantime, I’ll be publishing part two of the NOLA trilogy in the next couple of days.  If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast or general blog, please do!