Picture Perfect

Photographs lend much to any presentation. Watch the room relax as the presenter moves from their fifth bulleted list in a row to a full screen photographic metaphor. Most any presentation expert will comment on how people learn and respond more positively to illustrations, especially photographs.

Great, so you’re convinced.  You’ve decided to jump into using photographs as a substantial part of your presentation content.  So how do you avoid creating a presentation reminiscent of the neighbor who tortured your parents with those carousel rings full of vacation slides from Indiana? (No offense intended to our Hoosier friends.)

Well, next episode we invite professional photographer and computer graphics expert Mark Jaremko to the mics for a roundtable conversation about the pitfalls of using photographs in presentations, and advice about how you can avoid them.  We’ll be joined by… well, that’s a surprise.  This episode features the return engagement by a Presentations Roundtable favorite contributor. 

Join us in a few days for this Picture Perfect Podcast.

Mark Jaremko shooting off Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay
Photograph by Ric Bretschneider