Still Standing Up, Presenting

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  This is part II of our most recent visit with Presentation Zen master Garr Reynolds.
  In part one we caught up with Garr, learned how the Presentation Zen book has
been doing, and heard all about his recent road trip.  Howard Cooperstein,
software designer and stand-up comic joined us for this episode, which
took an interesting swing into a discussion of humor in presentations
and the relationships between stand up comedy and stand up

If you haven’t heard part one, I suggest you
listen to it first, but that’s not absolutely essential.  It’s still
available at the Presentations Roundtable web site, or through iTunes,
Zune marketplace, or wherever you got this episode.


  The world of
stand-up comedy and stand-up presenting have some amazing parallels,
and the discussion produces some very interesting insights you can put
to use in your own presentations.

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