The Zen of Stand-Up Presentations

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It’s officially summer, and time for the Presentations Roundtable to
come back from our spring hiatus. And what 
than to bring back one of our favorite people, Presentation Zen master
Garr Reynolds. 

We catch up with Garr, how the Presentation Zen book has been doing, some notes from his recent road trip, and hear some exciting news about the Presentation Zen movie.  Yes, that’s right, the Presentation Zen movie. Don’t believe it?  Listen!

And we’re very happy to bring fan favorite Howard Cooperstein back again to the mics.  Howard and I worked professionally together
for years, and continue to be best buds, so when you hear us talk a
little smack back and forth, don’t worry – we’re just having fun.  It’s
always great to have Howie around.

  Left to Right:
Garr Reynolds
Ric Bretschneider
Howard Cooperstein

As mentioned, the session
starts with a little catch-up on Garr’s activities, but then moves into
the very serious subject of humor in presentations and the
relationships between stand up comedy and stand up presentations.  It’s
a big conversation, so big I’m cutting this recording up into two
Check back in a few days for part two, or subscribe through iTunes, Zune
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Roundtable web page.  It’s a terrific episode, enjoy this now and make sure to come back for part two. 

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