Three Keynotes: PowerPoint Live 2007

Who are those people who speak first at confernces?  Those keynote speakers?  And why do they go first?

Could it be they know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting a message and talking to an audience?

Jim Endicott, Nancy Duarte, Julie Terberg and host Ric Bretschneider discuss the process and construction of superior presentations in the last of a series of podcasts recorded at PowerPoint Live in October 2007. You may have missed this fifth conference on presenting and presentation design, but you can at least listen in on the keynote speakers and learn a little bit about what sets their presentations apart from the norm.

Pictured above (inserts, from left): Nancy Duarte, Jim Endicott, and Julie Terberg.

This is the third of three podcasts recorded in October 2007 at PowerPoint Live.  The first is here. The second is here.

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