Preview of First Podcast on Presentation Zen

I’m putting the finishing touches on the first podcast for Presentations Roundtable.  This takes a little more effort than the subsequent episodes will, as there are some musical interstitials to be composed, introductions to be recorded, templates to modify etc.  

I’m also working with a new set of hosting software instead of manually editing the RSS feed as I’ve done for other podcasts. We’ll see about that, but for now I want to work on content instead of putting my hands into the guts of the feed every time I release.  (Ouch, nice imagery.)

Anyway, I should have Episode 1: Design and Dead Trees up shortly.

In the meantime I’m adding a link to a post Garr Reynolds’ blog Presentation Zen, where he wrote a bit about the night we recorded the podcast.  We’re mentioned about half-way through the article.

Clockwise from left: Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Ric Bretschneider, and Howard Cooperstein

4 thoughts on “Preview of First Podcast on Presentation Zen

  1. tina

    This podcast was great. Very informative. Just started my own company and will be applying a lot of what you discussed (and buying the books of course). The best bit was definitely the out takes at the end. BIG BELLY LAUGH!! Thanks.

  2. Dan Mandle

    I forget now how I found out about the Presentation Zen blog, but it’s been in my GoogleReader ever since that first “discovery.” Many thanks to Garr for making the blog his second job. And to you, Ric, for taking his hobby and converting it to the audio format. Wish more blogs did this–incredibly helpful for commuters without wifi while out on the road.


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